How to Schedule a Campaign with Geofactor

Published by on December 17, 2021

Step 1 – Impressions

Select the number of times you want to reach out to a selected target audience.

You can set up the same campaign to be delivered up to 5 times.

Step 2 – Frequency

Select the frequency of your EDDM campaign® i.e. how many times you want your marketing message to be delivered to this audience.

Step 3 – Delivery Schedule

Select the date you want your first EDDM® mailer to be delivered.

Tip: Gauge your audience’s response pattern by identifying the time-frame by when you expect receiving responses.

Step 4 – Review

Recheck your entire EDDM campaign schedule to vet any mistakes.

Step 5 – Confirm

Confirm the EDDM campaign schedule and make your payment.

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