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A Roofing Company Looking To Get More Qualified Leads


This residential roofing contractor wanted to generate more qualified calls from prospective customers. They ran a LocalAds campaign with a calls objective.


The LocalAds Team identified homeowners with a propensity to need a new roof or roof repair. They were able to generate an average of 45 new calls every month. Of which were an average of 18 qualified calls.

Monthly Budget:


Conversion Value:


Estimated Return*:


Monthly Results:

18 Qualified Calls

*Estimated return calculated based on 40% call conversion rate

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A Multi-Location Medical Practice Looking To Increase The Number Of Patients

A a multi-location family practice wanted more visits to each location. They ran local ads with a visits objective (calls as secondary objective) for each different location.

A Grocery Store Chain Looking To Increase Shopper Awareness

A grocer wanted to drive awareness for their stores by advertising weekly sales by targeting food and coupon shoppers that live near each of their locations.

An HVAC Contract Looking To Increase Qualified Leads

An HVAC contract wants to get more qualified calls from homeowners who needed A/C repair or were in the market to purchase a new A/C unit.