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Intelligent Direct Mail Built with

  1. Smart Audience Data to Power your Revenue Engines

Execute predictions-powered campaigns with Geofactor's Audience-to-Attribution platform

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Enhance customer conversions with precise, integrated direct mail campaigns. Reach customers at crucial decision-making moments with Geofactor’s automated approach. Unlock the power of digital capabilities and targeted mailings by

  • Importing customer data, creating lookalikes, and mailing to high propensity audiences
  • Utilizing triggers like abandoned carts, reactivations, or post-purchase advocacy
  • Boosting engagement through retargeting and multi-channel
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Welcome to Modern Direct Mail
Effective, Efficient, Easy

Your Data

Smart audience with persona
assignments & propensity scores

1:1 Personalised mail with
tracking & analytics

Geofactor print &
delivery network

Data Exchange



audience data

Data cleaned & structured
by Agency / Team

Mailpiece created with
general personalization &
offers on creative

Multiple Mail Service Providers (MSP) Managed

Proof approved by
Agency / Team

Printer creates

MSP performs data audit &
CASS Certification & Presort

Data & creative sent to
multiple mailhouses

Mailhouse produces
mail & schedules
delivery to USPS

Agency / Marketers track
responses & conversions

High level analysis for
attributions & campaign


Geofactor Direct Mail introduces you to:

Smart Prospecting

smart prospecting
  1. Build lookalike
  2. Personalize messaging
  3. Convert Customers

Boost your customer conversions with best-in-class interest and behavioral data to create unbeatable top of funnel campaigns. Use lookalike modeling to mirror your preferred customer segments, build personas to hyper-personalize your messaging and score recipients so that you only mail to those prospects with high conversion potential. Generate first-rate leads that convert into customers.

  1. Build lookalike
  2. Personalize messaging
  3. Convert Customers
Build my audience
smart prospecting

Intelligent Website Retargeting

intelligent website retargeting
  1. Identity Resolution & Lead Scoring
  2. Retarget with Mail
  3. Turn anonymous Browsers into Buyers

Make the most of your website traffic by setting retargeting rules that reach out to the right customers. Use Geofactor’s orchestration engine to trigger messages that lead to more conversions.

Identify anonymous traffic to your website using Geofactor’s identity resolution service that identifies a postal address to retarget prospects with a highly personalized and timely direct mail campaign. Add machine learning based lead scoring models so you only mail to high propensity web visitors.

  1. Identity Resolution & Lead Scoring
  2. Retarget with Mail
  3. Turn anonymous Browsers into Buyers
intelligent website retargeting

Savvy Triggering

savvy triggering
  1. Reach at the Right Time
  2. Re Engage with Ease
  3. Win back with Custom Outreach

Send direct mail to existing customers at critical points in their buying journey or at select life events. Abandoned carts, post-purchase loyalty retention, new movers, birthdays and more, you can set highly customized triggers to make your campaign a conversion machine. Integrate with your CRM to incentivize repeat purchases and retarget lapsed customers.

  1. Reach at the Right Time
  2. Re Engage with Ease
  3. Win back with Custom Outreach
savvy triggering

Optimizing for Higher ROI

optimize roi
  1. Response Analysis
  2. Optimize from Insights
  3. Higher Conversions

Reduce waste and improve performance by streamlining your audience list and mailing only to the most promising responders with high conversion potential. Use advanced propensity scoring to see what works and what doesn’t—creating an intelligent feedback loop to optimize campaigns.

  1. Response Analysis
  2. Optimize from Insights
  3. Higher Conversions
optimize roi

Platform capabilities to supercharge
your direct mail

CRM and Marketing Automation

Enjoy marketing agility and swift customer targeting with comprehensive integrations with Geofactor’s automation APIs. Trigger your sends to increase acquisitions and apply powerful retargeting strategies.

  • Convert CRM to source data
  • Quickly target / retarget based on triggers
  • Streamline campaign execution

Shrink your mail list,
Not your performance

Build high-sell audiences using Geofactor’s powerful data and predictive models. Develop lookalikes of your best customers or score your own CRM/mailing list so you only send mail to audiences predicted to convert.

  • Build lookalike models
  • Identify personas to personalize messaging
  • Rank recipients on propensities to convert
  • Build segments for upsell and cross sell opportunities from your CRM data
smart audiences

Integrated Design Studio

Accelerate your campaign launches with access to an extensive library of industry-specific text, images and premier personalization capabilities to quickly create and send highly trackable collateral that supports the analytics you need. Personalize each mail piece to build affinity with your customers while you automate the back-end analytics for ease and efficiency.

  • Build with Geofactor’s feature-rich drag and drop design studio
  • Add dynamic QR codes
  • 1:1 Personalize to convert
  • Enjoy high-quality template designs
Tour the Design Studio

Tracking and Analytics to optimize campaign performance

From seamless data onboarding to detailed reporting you get a unified platform that accelerates the end-to-end customer journey. With built-in tracking and testing, optimize your campaign for any selected criteria.

  • Personalized QR codes and personalized URLS (pURL)
  • A/B or multivariate testing
  • Real-time reporting and data leverage
  • Match back analysis to attribute conversions
  • Optimization insights to improve performance

Direct Mail That Delivers Results

Get Actionable Insights at Every Step of the Customer
Journey to Build a Better Campaign.

It’s easy to work with us.



Kickstart Your Campaigns: Affordable access to powerful direct mail execution, perfect for low monthly volume needs

  • Unlimited monthly mailing
  • Access to Smart Audience with predictive analytics
  • Access to Design Studio & personalization engine
  • Postcards starting at $0.91
    Letters starting at $0.95
Choose plan
Monthly subscription


Optimize Your Impact: Advanced pricing and features for marketers looking to up level their campaigns

  • Everything in Starter
  • 5% discount on consumer data purchase
  • Free Data Enrichment with 180+ Attributes for 3,500 records (a $330+ value)
  • Up to 23% mailing cost reduction v/s Starter
Most popular Monthly subscription


Accelerate Success: Drive your business forward with real-time attribution and robust analytics

  • Everything in Foundational
  • 10% discount on consumer data purchase
  • Free Data Enrichment with 250+ Attributes for 3,500 records (a $500+ value)
  • Up to 32% mailing cost reduction v/s Starter
  • Free Access to Informed Delivery set-up
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Unleash Your Potential: Advanced solutions and dedicated support for high-volume mailers with complex needs

  • Full-access to all attributes for Data Enrichment
  • Customized pricing tiers
  • Customizable Attribution and Analytics dashboard
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Onboarding assistance

With Geofactor
You Will Enjoy:

with geofactor
  1. 01

    Inspired Customer

    APIs allow you to execute automated campaigns based on actionable insights at key customer journey touchpoints mapped in your CRM. Leverage powerful direct mail engagement data from QR codes and personalized URLs (pURL) to optimize your customer journeys.

  2. 02

    Ease and

    Audience-to-Attribution on one platform to execute campaigns that meet your marketing objectives without having to interface with multiple external stakeholders such as several mail houses, data providers, the USPS®, etc. Save time and resources by using Geofactor that you can reinvest back in your business.

  3. 03


    Experience a paradigm shift in your organization with the increasing volume of high value leads and customer conversions that Geofactor’s intelligent mail platform delivers.


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We currently offer the following formats and sizes:

4 x 6
6 x 9
6 x 11

All postcards are printed full color on both sides on min. 10pt C2S gloss stock.

Color and Black (mono chrome) printed on 8.5 x 11 24# paper.

Envelope options currently offered:
Standard #10 Tinted Single Window Envelope
Standard #10 Tinted Double Window Envelope

Note that customizations for form factors are available for customers on the Enterprise Plan.

No, you do not need a designer to set up your campaign. We have an easy-to-use Design Studio that you can use to set up new creatives in a matter of minutes with drag and drop features. You can access our library of over a hundred postcard templates for inspiration! You can also upload your own designs and customize them right here on the platform.

You can give the Design Studio a whirl here. Contact us if you need help in designing your mail piece and we’ll be happy to design an incredible creative for you. Please email us at

No, you are not required to have your own audience list. You can build an acquisition list using our Predictions Studio or purchase a list with our Consumer Data service with access to over 270 million U.S. individuals.

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to personalize your text and images for the recipients in your audience list. Our sophisticated Design Studio lets you build variable data logic for text and images into your mail piece creative. This allows you to hyper-personalize messages, images, offers etc. to the personal you are targeting in that campaign. If you need insights for personalization you can talk to us about how our persona assignments can inform highly effective personalization.

We recommend that you add personalized QR codes from our Design Studio for each recipient to gather intent data at an individual level. You can also turn on real-time notifications to get alerted whenever the recipient scans the QR code. This is Intelligent Direct Mail in motion with the fluidity of digital interactions.

Yes. You can split test multiple creatives on the same campaign. Simply build multiple creatives and allocate a portion of the campaign you want to test with each creative. We will provide you with engagement and conversion analytics at a creative level, so you know what offers, messaging, images, etc. tend to perform better.

You can add personalized QR codes to each campaign. QR codes can drive engagement to a website, initiate a phone call or SMS text, create an email response, or show an address and routes on a map. Our QR code technology gathers behavioral and location insights to build deeper audience intelligence on your campaigns.

Yes. All data uploaded to a campaign is run through a 2-step sanitization process.

1) The USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database is checked to update the address for any recipient that may have moved and has a new address on file with the USPS.

2) The deliverability and accuracy of the recipient address is checked and automatically updated to ensure deliverability. Any recipient that that is deemed to be undeliverable is automatically removed from your send.

Yes. All mail pieces are tracked on each campaign. You can review USPS delivery performance for each piece by Scan and Delivery Status, State, First Scan Date, and Out For Delivery statuses.

Your campaigns are produced and sent to the USPS for delivery within 2 business days from the day you execute the campaign.

Once the mail is entered into the mail stream, the USPS typically delivers the mail in-home with the following estimated timeline:
First Class Mail – 1 to 5 Days
Standard/Marketing Mail: 5 to 20 Days*

*Note: we recommend that you estimate at least about 8-11 days on average for USPS delivery times for Standard Mail.

Informed Delivery set-up access is currently only available for our Growth and Enterprise plans. You can set up Informed Delivery campaigns to accompany your Direct Mail campaign easily by selecting Informed Delivery in your campaign set up and providing the images and CTA links that you’d like to include in the campaign.

You will also gain access to Informed Delivery analytics on your campaign including KPIs for Open Rates, Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and the list of recipients that have engaged with your Informed Delivery campaign. You can use this intent data to run a drip campaign on the recipients that have shown interest.

The Geofactor platform is designed to bring parity with digital marketing measurement and attribution capabilities. You can track campaign level response analytics with using our QR Code technology. The platform provides you with lead intelligence, so you know not only who has responded but also the demographic and persona clusters for your leads.

The Executive Dashboard provides an aggregate performance view for all your campaigns for a certain duration. You can see the Revenue generated, Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI), Average Order Value (AoV), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and the Sales Rate performance. This KPI measurement and proof-of-performance brings transparency in how well Direct Mail is performing in your marketing mix.

Note: Our match-back solution is required to be set up in your CRM/Enterprise System to gather proof-of-performance KPIs. Please contact us at for help in setting this service up for paid subscriptions.

Match-back and attribution services are only available for paid subscription tiers. Please contact us at for help in setting this service up.

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