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Your EDDM® Campaign Has 3 Building Blocks

Let us walk you through it Step-by-Step

    1. Start with a Zip Code or Address for your target location
      Tip: Search up to 5 Zipcodes separated by commas
    2. Use the sliders to further refine the drive time or radius
      Tip: Search by Radius and Drivetime
    3. Specify your preferred demographics, then search
    4. Select routes where your audiences live
      Tip: Red highlights match your criteria the best
    5. You can maximize your ROI by selecting routes that have a higher Match Rate with your demographic selections

    1. There are three ways to craft your design
    2. a. If you already have a design, you can upload it and continue setting up your campaign
    3. b. If you have at least a week and need expert help, you can hire an expert designer to work with you
    4. c. The most popular option is to pick a design template from our curated collection and customize the message in our Design Studio
    5. Find the right template and ideas on our Gallery. You can sort by Industry, Purpose, and Size to pick your template
    6. Customize the template as you see fit. Our powerful Design Studio puts advanced design capabilities into your hands. You can change text, colors, fonts, images, placements, and backgrounds easily
    7. Once you’re happy with the final design and message, approve it to move to the next step

    1. You can set your campaign to run on auto-pilot for a few weeks by choosing the frequency and the time between multiple drops
    2. Choose how many times you want to reach out to this audience with this message
      Tip: Multiple impressions have shown to be more powerful in driving engagement than just one impression. You can set up your campaign to repeat up to 5 times
    3. Choose how frequently you want to reach out to this audience with this message
      Tip: Chat with our EDDM® experts to time the reminder messages in the best way
    4. Choose the date on which you want the 1st message to be in-home.
      Tip: Work backwards from when you want to receive responses and consider your typical audience response pattern
    5. Review the entire campaign for accuracy, schedule and pay. Then you’re all set. We'll take it from there
      Tip: Double check your phone numbers and spelling!

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