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Unlock growth opportunities within your customer base

Using Predictive Models to Uncover Ready-to-Buy Customers, Cross-Sell Prospects and Churn Risks in Your Customer Data

unlock growth

Optimize Customer Life Stages

Geofactor supercharges your marketing performance with predictive audiences and customer insights that can easily be activated across multiple channels including digital, direct mail, email, and CTV.


Build targeted audiences based on high quality data to achieve
unbeatable acquisition outcomes.

Attract superior customers using lookalike models that pinpoint high-value prospects with strong conversion potential. Geofactor’s advanced machine learning models are built on consumer identity graphs with 400+ attributes for over 300 million adults in the U.S., crafting predictions that drive significant results for your business.

Use behavioral predictions to connect with audiences on the channels they're most responsive to—spanning paid digital, email, CTV, and direct mail. By aligning your outreach with your audience's preferences, you'll achieve better engagement and results.

Supercharge your existing data by bridging the gaps, broadening your reach, and boosting your success rates. Using Geofactor’s deep data enrichment with 400+ attributes, you create a more comprehensive and insightful customer profile to guide your strategic decisions and messaging.


Discover customer insights and opportunities with our easy-to-use Predictions Studio to drive engagement across your customer lifecycle

Harness sophisticated look alike modeling and customer lifetime value predictions to size your local markets and understand your current market share. Explore and expand your potential with comprehensive geo-location market intelligence with geo-spatial analysis to identify white spaces, optimized store locations. Make intelligent growth decisions based on data.

Geofactor’s detailed persona models cluster your customers effectively, providing deeper insight into their true personas layered with deep data enrichment. This enables you to craft tailored messages and attractive offers, driving conversions and growing customer loyalty.

Transform your mailing list or leads into high-value targets by pinpointing the most promising prospects. Utilize sophisticated scoring models to identify the top segments with the highest conversion potential. Precision targeting significantly amplifies your ROI, ensuring every marketing effort delivers results, cutting waste before incurring it.

Pinpoint customers primed for another purchase and engage them with perfectly timed offers and promotions. Whether through digital, email, or direct mail, you ensure your message arrives at the right moment on the right channel, boosting your sales cycle and strengthening customer loyalty.


Take proactive steps to retain
customers that are likely to churn

Use predictions to detect customers that are likely to churn and re-engage them early in their customer lifecycle with timely messages and offers before it’s too late.


What to expect with Geofactor’s predictions platform?

predictions platform
  • clock

    Minimal set
    up time

    Build your prediction models with an easy-to-use interface in our Predictions Studio

  • hourglass


    Fine-tune and retrain your models with just a few clicks.

  • face content


    Spend smarter for what you need, when you need it.

  • intersecting circles


    Geofactor’s data integrates straight to your direct mail campaigns, so you get flawless execution of high-performing collateral that meets your customer at every point along their buying journey. Easily export results to your data warehouse or DSPs.

  • shield

    Permissioned and

    Geofactor builds models based on 100% permissioned and licensed data sets without any cookies or data scraping, with best-in-class security for data handling.

Just looking for a Consumer List for your next campaign? We’ve got that too! Get real-time counts and tap into Our Ready-to-Use, Comprehensive Data Instantly.

At Geofactor, we've integrated one of the largest, privacy-first audience sources. Simply use our interactive tool to select from 200+ filters and build your acquisition lists in moments. Build a list with:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Occupant & Property Data
  • New Movers
  • New Homeowners
  • And more

Access to 270 Million+ U.S. Consumers

Get free access to Geofactor’s campaign builder tool where you can quickly run counts on any criteria to synthesize the perfect audience at the right time. Buy the data you need without overpaying for “too wide” of a net.

Looking for more precise targeting? Use our predictive models to find just the right audiences for your customer acquisition campaigns.

No matter what kind of data you need: new movers, new homeowners, consumers, businesses, saturation - Geofactor has it. Quickly and easily set your audience and position your campaign for top performance. Geofactor’s segmented data is available for:

  • Consumer mailing lists and sales leads
  • Occupant mailing lists
  • Campaign audience builder
  • Opted-in emails and phone numbers
  • And more
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Here’s how it works

Get your Counts

Here’s how it works

Get your Counts
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    Access the
    interactive tool

    Run counts for criteria and curate data to build the strongest audience for a higher performing campaign.

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    Purchase what you need, strategically optimizing your audience to keep your costs down and improve ROI.

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    Activate this audience list on Geofactor’s direct mail platform or export in CSV to activate on other channels.


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Predictive modeling uses machine learning and statistical techniques to create models that predict a future outcome based on historical data. Depending on the type of outcome we are modeling for, different algorithms may be used to identify patterns and relationships within the data sets provided to forecast the likelihood of that specific outcome. Just as is the case for any data-driven process, the quality of training data sets (your first-party data) impacts the efficacy of the model’s outcome.

We recommend that you provide reliable cohort data that you want to model against so that the outcomes of the models are reliable. For example, we need accurate current customer data along with transaction events such as order history to identify best fitting lookalikes for your business.

Gone are the days of mass mailing to a large audience selected based on high-level demographic data selections. With the cost of postage increasing annually, it is imperative for brands and marketers to be more thoughtful about their audience selection.

Our predictions help identify the best prospects to mail to, based on their propensity scores. The propensity score is an indicator of how well the prospect fits the outcome you’ve modeled for. You can reduce the size of your audience list based on the propensity score so that you are only mailing to the best prospects. This process increases your precision, reduces marketing waste, and lifts your ROI v/s the traditional spray and pray method.

Each approach has its place in your marketing strategy. If your product or service is applicable to a wide, largely undifferentiated consumer base (e.g., Quick Service Restaurants) then using a consumer list based on demographic selections may be an effective strategy to build brand awareness and lead flow.

Predictions are a powerful tool to target specific audiences that meet your Ideal Customer Profiles using lookalikes and for more sophisticated use cases such as increasing customer engagement, share of wallet, churn reductions, etc. that require modeling for the most effective outcomes.

Our predictions are priced based on the type of model you are executing. Currently you can execute a lookalike model at 9.5 cents per record with a min purchase of 10,000 records.

Please contact us at if you’d like to discuss pricing for a specific model.

Yes, you can build a model and we will house the outcome data for up to six months. You can purchase additional records from that model if you’d like. We recommend you re-run models every 4 months to ensure that the outcomes are always based on most up to date consumer attributes. There are no minimums for subsequent predictions data purchases.

Depending on your subscription level, we provide you with a data file with up 250+ attributes including propensity scores, demographics, psychographics, interests, desires, purchase recencies, home occupant fields, etc.

Yes, you can purchase phone numbers and emails in our Consumer data application here.

Talk to us about your specific data request. We have partnerships with some of the most trusted data compliers and may be able to source the right data for your needs.

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