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Geofactor is powered by Logicsense, a team of committed and capable individuals who have a deep understanding of organizations and businesses like yours. We know what it takes to win customers in a competitive world through incredible marketing.

We see ourselves as champions of small businesses and are driven to bring innovative technology within your reach so that you can thrive and grow. We understand that your time is valuable and your resources are limited. That's why we provide you a quick, efficient, and affordable platform to develop and deploy effective direct mail marketing campaigns that work for you.

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Plus, we stand by you every step of the way. We’re always here to answer your questions and give you any guidance you may need.

The concept for Geofactor originated when we noticed a growing problem. As national corporations began taking over, we watched small businesses and organizations suffer. We saw that many small businesses were struggling to connect with their most relevant audiences - people living right around them.

Your messaging quickly became lost in the noise as your customers were bombarded with TV, radio, and digital marketing every hour of every day. And while large companies had the luxury of marketing departments full of expert copywriters, designers, strategists, and more, you were left trying to run your entire business by yourself.

We saw a problem with the new normal, so we set out to level the playing field. Armed with our direct mail experience, we sought out the leading technology experts to help us develop an easy-to-use platform revolving around a revolutionary idea in the world of direct mail: Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM).

We believe that a tactile marketing experience really drives customer engagement and creates memorable impressions. We saw that EDDM® brings together the best of both worlds - a location-based marketing strategy to deliver tactile marketing experiences, cost effectively. However, there was no platform in the market that enabled a small business with limited resources to set up successful EDDM® campaigns - easily. That's why we took it upon ourselves to build Geofactor.

Our EDDM® mailing platform helps you generate a steady flow of customer demand and engagement on autopilot so that you do what you do best—run your business and serve your customers.

We understand the importance of cutting through the clutter and engaging with the only customers that matter: using our solution, you can filter by location, income, age, and presence of children to zero in on the audience most relevant to you. That's why Geofactor now delivers every tool and resource you need to develop and launch effective direct mail advertising campaigns in minutes, not days.

You’re an integral part of your community because you serve people, their wants and their needs. Through Geofactor, we’ll transform your marketing efforts into a demand-generating machine that’s powered by our accessible, easy-to-use, and affordable platform.

In the end, our revolutionary direct mail system will help you...

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    Boost Sales

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    Increase Brand Recognition

  • Attract Customers

    Attract Customers

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    Enhance ROI

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    Achieve Rapid Growth