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Dental Offices

Attract new patients with jaw-dropping marketing

The pandemic reduced client rosters, relocated folks to remote work, and rushed people to the Great Resignation, eliminating their employer-provided dental care. The media talked about vaccine hesitancy, while dentists worried about visit hesitancy.

It’s been harder than calculus to get new patients, but where there’s a drill, there’s a way.

With Geofactor, dentists can use online & offline marketing to attract their ideal patients, boost foot traffic, and grow revenue. The only person who’ll smile bigger than those sitting in your chair is you.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

A Roofing Company Looking To Get More Qualified Leads

This residential roofing contractor wanted to generate more qualified calls from prospective customers. They ran a Geofactor campaign with a calls objective.

A Multi-Location Medical Practice Looking To Increase The Number Of Patients

A a multi-location family practice wanted more visits to each location. They ran local ads with a visits objective (calls as secondary objective) for each different location.

A Grocery Store Chain Looking To Increase Shopper Awareness

A grocer wanted to drive awareness for their stores by advertising weekly sales by targeting food and coupon shoppers that live near each of their locations.


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