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  • EDDM print
    EDDM Overview

    What are the Printing Guidelines for EDDM?

    Every Door Direct Mail®, designed by the USPS® is a cheaper alternative to Traditional Direct Mail. While any business can benefit from EDDM, a specific set of USPS guidelines must be met to be eligible to use this marketing channel. Let’s discuss the printing criteria for EDDM, also known as EDDM Print.

    By Geofactor,
    November 19, 2021
  • EDDM format
    EDDM Overview

    The EDDM Format: How to Create a USPS-Compliant Campaign

    Every Door Direct Mail is a USPS-based direct mail service that caters to small businesses across the country. Any USPS-authorized business needs to follow the EDDM format when it comes to creating a mailing campaign. Let’s discuss these EDDM requirements in detail.

    By Geofactor,
    November 15, 2021
  • EDDM Overview

    What is EDDM Indicia?

    EDDM Retail Indicia is a specific indicia mark for businesses that don’t send out mailers on a regular basis, but would like to start an EDDM campaign. Such businesses don’t need to register for their own indicia and don’t have to spend time stamping every campaign. In this blog, we will explain how to meet these EDDM guidelines and what EDDM Indicia is.

    By Geofactor,
    July 27, 2021