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The EDDM Format: How to Create a USPS-Compliant Campaign

Published by on November 15, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail® is a USPS®-based direct mail service that caters to small businesses across the country.

Any USPS-authorized business needs to follow the EDDM format when it comes to creating a mailing campaign.

EDDM format

Let’s discuss these EDDM requirements in detail.

What is EDDM Format?

Only Marketing Mail Flats based on the USPS® guidelines are eligible to be mailed with EDDM®.

These include booklets, brochures/leaflets, postcards, newsletters, large envelopes, magazines, etc. Your mailer must meet the required EDDM criteria such as height, weight, thickness, and size.

Weight and thickness

  • 0.007” thick
  • 3.3 ounces or less in weight

Shape and size

  • Square or rectangular mailers
  • Four square corners or curved corners within a radius of 0.125”

EDDM Indicia

  • Larger in size than 0.5”x0.5”
  • The postal address must be “ECRWSS” below the permit or within the indicia. It is an abbreviation for ‘Extended Carrier Route Walking Sequence Saturation’
  • The font must be in 4-point size and in all caps
  • A space of 0.125” should separate the Indicia from the top and right edges
  • The Indicia must be in the upper right-hand corner of the mailer, within 1.625 inches from the right edge, and 1.375 inches from the top edge

Minimum quantity and delivery rules

  • 200 mailers per ZIP code, unless the mail routes contain less than 200 addresses
  • Every dwelling unit in the chosen route will receive the mailer
  • Business units and P.O. boxes can be exempted from receiving the postcards

The EDDM format can be confusing at first glance. Eliminate the guesswork by working with Geofactor! We can help you create USPS-compliant campaigns and guide you with the best industry practices for your initiative’s success.