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What is the Minimum Size Requirement for EDDM?

Published by on July 25, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail®, a USPS®-authorized direct mail initiative, is a marketing channel that’s consistently proven to be effective for small businesses. Therefore, small businesses consider making it a part of their marketing mix.

As a USPS® service, there are specific size requirements businesses should comply with to be able to benefit from EDDM®.

minimum size for EDDM

If you’re wondering, ‘what is the minimum size for EDDM,’ here is a definitive guide to answer your question.

Minimum size for EDDM

The minimum mailer size requirement is:

  •  3.5 inches high, 
  • 0.007 inches thick, 
  • 5 inches long. 

A mailpiece must exceed at least one of these mentioned dimensions:


15” long OR

12” long OR

.75” thick


>11.5” long OR

>6.125” high OR

>.25” thick

Compliant mailpieces can be sent without spending money on mailing lists. The weight limit per-piece is 3.3 oz.

The mailer shape must be square or rectangular, with a 90° corner or rounded edges. Curved corners must not exceed a radius of 0.125°.

If your mailpiece meets all the above requirements, there’s one final rule to follow. Your mailers must be uniformly thick and bendable.

Other mandates:

  • The sender must provide enough mailpieces to cover every active residential postal address, or every residential and business address combined in the chosen ZIP code. 
  • You can send up to 5,000 mailers per ZIP code without a permit. 
  • The entire group of Post Office® boxes for a single office counts for a separate route.

EDDM-Retail features

  • Acceptance at all USPS® retail features
  • Only Standard Mail flats are permitted
  • Direct mail created for local area marketing
  • No trust account payments accepted

There are specific requirements in regards to shape, thickness, weight, and minimum size for EDDM. You can always work with a well-versed EDDM® vendor to ensure proper application of the necessary guidelines.

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