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3 Easy Ways to Target Your Ideal Audience With EDDM®

Published by on July 5, 2021

Achieving optimal marketing results is largely about targeting the right audience. Great targeting is how you sell steak to a crowd of hungry patrons who haven’t eaten all day. Uninformed targeting is how you end up trying to sell that steak to a vegetarian.

And that’s why local marketing is so important…

Did you know the average person spends 85% of their disposable income within 5 miles of their home?

Wondering how to better target a local audience using EDDM®?

Here are three easy ways for USPS Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) marketers to better target their audience…

1. Combine Geographic and Demographics

Identifying the ideal target market is like putting a puzzle together. You need all pieces if you’re going to end up with a beautiful picture (and great results) at the end.

In the case of EDDM® marketing, that means using geo-demographic targeting to focus your marketing message around the people who matter most: local consumers.

Combining specific location parameters with characteristics like age, household income, and household size can help determine the perfect audience.

That means less waste of marketing dollars on people who have zero interest in your business, and a more focused message for the people who are interested and nearby!

2. Don’t Alienate Members of a Household

It’s a fact of business that you may be trying to reach one particular member of a household. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the other members of that household. Optimal success involves picking your message wisely to ensure you don’t alienate anyone who may see the mail piece.

76% of consumers trust direct mail. Take that into consideration when creating your written and visual messaging.

3. Constantly Measure Results

While you may have your ideal audience figured out right now, your audience may change over time. Sociological, economic, and other factors can alter who your customers are and where to find them.

In order to ensure that you’re constantly reaching the ideal audience, constantly measure the results of your USPS® EDDM campaigns. That includes engagement, response, subscribers, purchases, repeat purchases, store traffic, and more.

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