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How and Why HVAC Services Use EDDM

Published by on December 19, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail® is a bulk mailing channel that helps you reach every registered household in the United States. It is scalable according to your campaign goal and industry type.

HVAC services use EDDM® because of its easy implementation and wide reach. Almost every household hires room temperature maintenance services therefore HVAC companies can target large market areas at cost-effective rates.

Here are a few reasons why HVAC services use EDDM:

1. To increase local response rates

EDDM® is one of the most effective local marketing tools. HVAC service owners target neighborhoods closest to their business location to gain local traction. As one of the most commonly required maintenance services, advertising to local residents can help them get regular sales.

2. To build credibility

The ability to touch and feel direct mail advertisements means people connect with them better. Consumers trust EDDM® more because paper-based marketing connects with parts of the brain that control how you feel things and retain memories.

3. Because of the easy set-up

EDDM® is easy to use as all a business has to do is register with the USPS to avail all the targeting information about their preferred delivery areas. It can be done in-house as well as by hiring an EDDM vendor.

4. To benefit from its cost-effectiveness

The postage rate for EDDM mailers of all sizes is as low as 18 cents. Even the overall spend for outsourcing postcard designs and other services is much lower than its other direct mail counterparts.

HVAC companies appeal to local customers in several creative ways. Here are a few ways how HVAC services use EDDM.

1. To create seasonal promotions

HVAC services can greatly benefit from seasonal advertising drives. This is because room temperature maintenance services are required throughout the year, whether it be heating or cooling or ventilation management. Seasonal promotions help HVAC companies capture an audience that prefers scheduled maintenance checks.

2. To show the service in action

With EDDM®, companies can showcase high-quality visuals in different sizes. Showing the service in action can help people understand what they can expect when a maintenance technician visits their home. How HVAC services use EDDM to display their offerings depends on various factors such as conveying the staff’s professionalism, equipment, etc.

3. To enter new service areas

HVAC services are a broad-appeal industry therefore marketing to a wider audience within their market area can help them increase regular sales. It can also help in maximizing local brand awareness.

4. To showcase customer testimonials

Large-sized EDDM mailers can help exhibit detailed information. Customer reviews are a great way to enhance brand credibility. It can also help brands create a personal touch with their audience for them to consider the service.

HVAC companies can send out anywhere from 200 to 5,000 mailpieces per neighborhood without the need for a postal permit. Because of its broad appeal and necessity, EDDM can be an effective marketing tool to achieve almost any kind of business goal.