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Choosing the Right Design – Dry Cleaners | 4.25×11

Published by on October 23, 2021

Minimal designs help your audience focus and retain the most essential information.

Small size:

Compared to larger mailers, small size mailers are easy to store for later reading. People often store them as bookmarks or leave them around the house to read later. This can give you double the brand retention combined with lesser costs. Lose the clutter and be clear-cut with this tiny mailer.

Prominent logo:

This template starts out with its distinct logo placement right at the beginning. People will directly associate your headline and background image with your business name.

Attractive offer:

When you’re exclusively targeting new customers, an appealing offer will often be the breaking point of deciding to visit your service.

Broad background image:

People know exactly what dry cleaners do as there is not much variation in this set of services. While your offer and headline are the main attractions, a comprehensive image related to your services will provide your audience with a relevant visual.

Consistent headline:

Let your headline tell people exactly what you’re providing, without any flowery words. They come to you for ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ clothes and go home with the same.

Radiantly-colored CTA:

The footer color and the contact information placeholder interact conversely to make a brightly colored CTA that gains attention at first glance.

Concise service chart:

Dry cleaning services are self-explanatory. A simple service list will tell your audience all they need to know.

Accessibility information:

The operation hours play a huge factor in a growing dry cleaning service. With working hours encompassing the timings of homemakers and the working class alike, you can gain maximum footfall during the morning, evening, and even midday!

People are also looking for weekend services according to their availability. A purposive ‘Open 7 Days A Week’ feature will make them choose your service without much thought.

Customizable image:

Add a relevant image consistent with your theme on the right-hand side.

Like this design? Make it yours! Customize it here!