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Choosing the Right Design – Gym/Fitness | 12×15

Published by on July 13, 2021

Promote your most sought-after services and capture wider audience segments with this detailed template.

Noticeable location:

Locals want to choose a permanent fitness hub to visit regularly. With a hard-to-miss location text area, it becomes easy to make a decision.

CTA-like headline:

The headline is an action-inducing attention-grabber that relays the energetic tonality of the template. A direct call to better fitness is a good push for people to get off their chairs and sign up with you.

Fitness image:

The image should portray the qualities of hard work and commitment; qualities all gym-goers want to relate with. It should also give them a visual to picture themselves working out, and achieve their ideal fitness goals.

Image CTA:

A positive affirmation with a clear and attractive promise such as ‘Get Results Faster!’ will have your audience associate your services with improved fitness. It will also make them curious to find out more about improving their physical health.

Distinct contact information:

With the website at the top and the contact information at the bottom, you’re giving your audience two distinct ways to reach you. Since people often just glance through mailers, separating them both can increase the chances of them contacting you.

Elaborate description:

List out your top 5 or 6 services and capture different audiences. Give a good description on why people should choose your gym.

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Ambiant image:

Portray your interior’s ambiance with an image that covers half of the back page. This will set the tone for them to know what to look forward to when they visit.

Second headline:

Two different headlines can make for versatile attention-grabbers. While one can be used to induce an action, the other can be used to highlight your USP.

Detailed description:

Tell people about your origins, your customer goals, and your overall vision in this big ‘About Us’ section. Also, let them know why physical fitness is important for their overall health and development.