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Choosing the Right Design – Restaurant | 6×11

Published by on July 7, 2021

The love of food brings everyone together. Invite all the locals to your restaurant with this visual-centric mailer!

Large size:

Larger-sized mailers with popping colors and delicious food are loved by all foodies.

Prominent Logo:

Start your mailer with your pizzeria’s name so viewers can associate good food with your brand. Showcase your top 3 most appetizing dishes to attract the right audience.

Ambiant image:

Pictures that tickle their appetite are the best to catch those shifting gazes while sorting through their mail.

3-word headline:

Let your headline dictate your overall voice. Make the right impression with a concise headline.

Attractive offer:

A tempting offer in bold is a recipe for success. Promote your offer on the first page to increase the probability of people turning up.

Distinct contact information:

Make your contact information stand out in a way that tells them, ‘you need to give them a call NOW!’ Hungry locals looking for good food will know where to go when looking to grab a quick bite.

Prominent logo:

Continuity is key. Make the viewer associate delicious food with your brand name.

Diverse menu:

Use three high-quality food pictures of varied dishes to target diverse audiences. Three different food visuals will appear to a larger audience.

Concise headline:

Elaborate your previous headline, or highlight a USP.

Concise description:

Summarize your service, taking into account people’s limited attention spans. Portray your unique ambiance, comfortable seating, and how locally loved your restaurant is.

Distinct contact information:

Progress with consistency. Show your contact information at the end of the template as well to seal the deal.

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