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Choosing the Right Design – Spa & Resort | 12×15

Published by on July 19, 2021

Clients who receive mailers spend up to 83% more.

Think your spa needs some firepower to boost those sales? This sophisticated mailer design is the way to go!

Large size:

Want to stand out from the crowds of unread postcards? Choose this jumbo-sized flyer and make a mark.

Prominent images:

Convey the sophistication and relaxing aura of your spa with a 5-image collage. Visuals that resonate with your audience will get you better results.

Concise headline:

Say it louder with a prominent headline; entice your readers at first glance with this template.

Engaging call to action:

The CTA box in this template is highlighted in such a way that people will be persuaded to respond to it right after reading the headline.

Elaborate description:

The body copy will sell your product at the end of the day. Use it to provide a killer insight on your product or service.

Second headline:

What’s better than impressing your audience with a headline? Impressing your audience with TWO headlines!

Prominent images:

Elaborate your brand story with 2 more images in the back. Finish strong with a killer visual on your product.

End your narrative and make an impact.

Elaborate description:

It is rightly said, ‘Bigger is Better.’

The abundant space is one of the best highlights of this template. Describe your product or service in an enticing format for your readers to retain important information.

Like this design? Make it yours! Customize it here.