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Does EDDM Require a Postal Address?

Published by on December 1, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail® helps you save money on mailing lists, since you need none. You can simply label your mail stacks with a single postal address instead of filling out individual addresses.

EDDM address

Here’s a simple explanation on how to fill out an EDDM address.

EDDM Address – Retail Mailing Requirements

For EDDM ‘Retail’ mailings under 5000 mail pieces, include the following label information:



Postal Customer

EDDM Address – BMEU Mailing Requirements

EDDM BMEU® is used to send out more than 5,000 mail pieces in a single geographic area. You must apply for a permit at your local Post Office®, or use a mail service provider’s permit for EDDM Business.

1. Include both businesses and residential addresses in your mail route:


Postal Customer

City, State 5-ZIP

2. Send to residential addresses only, using the EDDM optional endorsement line:


Residential Customer

City, State 5-ZIP

3. Mail only to P.O. boxes, using this EDDM optional endorsement line:


PO Box Holder

City, State 5-ZIP

After labelling the orders, all you need to do is place an indicia mark to show that postage has been paid for your EDDM campaign. Your campaign is simply sent to every household, business unit, and P.O. box unit, according to your preferences within your chosen geographic areas.