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  • cost of EDDM
    EDDM Overview

    How Much Does an EDDM Campaign Cost

    Marketers often get confused between EDDM® and Direct Mail, and don’t realize that the former is a much better option to advertise to locals, at minimal costs. It is suitable for small businesses who lack the funds for highly targeted marketing, but are aiming for improved outreach and better response rates. Let’s break down the cost of EDDM and see how it can help you save on your marketing budget.

    By Geofactor,
    December 9, 2021
  • EDDM design template
    EDDM Strategy

    EDDM Design: Reusing and Repurposing a Layout for Different Campaigns

    Instead of designing new flyers from scratch, consider creating an EDDM design template that you can reuse and repurpose according to your new campaigns. This can help you save on marketing costs and manage your advertising budget better. Here are a few tips to help you reuse EDDM designs by creating mailer templates:

    By Geofactor,
    December 3, 2021
  • time-saving EDDM tips
    EDDM Strategy

    6 Foolproof Time-Saving Tips To Create Your EDDM Campaign

    EDDM requires you to fill out paperwork, use specific design guidelines, target the appropriate routes for your service, print postcards, create mailing bundles, etc. to get your campaign approved by the USPS. This can be a daunting set of tasks in theory, but with our list of time-saving EDDM tips, you can create your campaign significantly quicker.

    By Geofactor,
    November 29, 2021
  • EDDM design tips
    EDDM Strategy

    8 Pro EDDM Design Tips to Create Your Next Mail Piece

    A portion of your EDDM campaign’s success depends on your mailer design. Every Door Direct Mail, as a USPS-authorized marketing channel, allows you the freedom to create your EDDM flyers based on your creative preferences. This blog will discuss 8 of the most useful EDDM design tips to help you get started with creating your EDDM mailer.

    By Geofactor,
    November 24, 2021