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Why is Everyone Talking About Every Door Direct Mail?

Published by on October 20, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM, is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to help businesses like yours reach a specific audience in a particular area. USPS® Every Door Direct Mail lets businesses send geographically and demographically targeted direct mail to households across the U.S.

In addition to location, this USPS® direct mail service allows you to target an audience based on:

  • Age
  • Household income
  • Household size

When using EDDM®, any household on the USPS® route that fits the targeted profile will receive your mailpiece.

In short, it’s an innovative way to execute local marketing by leveraging hyper-targeted audiences and the power of direct mail.

How EDDM® Enhances Local Advertising

Save On Marketing Costs

First of all, EDDM® helps you save money on direct mail. How? Because the audience will be generated based on your filters for zip code and demographic characteristics, there’s no need to purchase or compile a customer list.

And thanks to postage costs of 17.6 cents per piece, you can save 39% compared to traditional direct mail.

That means no more dealing with list brokers!

Attract Nearest Potential Customers

Every Door Direct Mail also boosts your local marketing efforts because it’s all about reaching out to the people near you. As a local business, proximity is key. You need people coming to your store, ordering from your delivery menu, or coming to you for their local needs.

Through USPS EDDM®, you can focus your entire direct marketing campaign in a single zip code if you prefer. Or maybe widen your reach to surrounding neighborhoods to ensure you’re getting your message in the hands of people close enough to be your next customers.

No More Competition On Mass Media or Digital Marketing

EDDM® is the best way to connect with your local audience. Rather than competing for the attention of prospective customers on TV or radio, send a letter directly to their mailbox. Instead of trying to beat out every other business on PPC search ads, get a postcard with your best offer into the hands of your ideal customer.

Enhanced Brand Recall

Researchers studying the science of marketing responses found that brand recall is 70% higher for direct mail than digital advertising. They concluded that direct mail is more memorable as it involves multiple senses and is easier to process and absorb.

Thanks to the combination of geo-demographic targeting and all the ways EDDM® boosts your local advertising strategy, you’ll soon be able to flood your local business with new customers.

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