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4 Ways to Use EDDM & Email to Maximize ROI

Published by on December 6, 2021

Integrating your digital marketing with traditional methods can give you better marketing outcomes. While email campaigns are relatively easy to set up and implement, email marketing as a standalone marketing channel cannot always bring you the desired results for your marketing efforts.

Every Door Direct Mail®, as a direct mail marketing channel, can be a great way to reach new customers and retain the existing ones by driving active engagement. However, email marketing can enhance your engagement levels with small email drives and help you nurture your leads for the long term.

EDDM with Email EDDM and Email

Here’s how you can integrate EDDM with Email together in a marketing strategy:

1. Target a non-responding audience

After sending an EDDM mailer to your preferred audience:

  1. Calculate the number of responses.
  2. Purchase an online mailing list for neighborhoods that gathered the least amount of responses.
  3. Target these prospective customers through email to show them your marketing message again. 

If an EDDM mailer does not leave the desired impact, repeating the marketing message through email can improve the chances of getting a response.

2. Follow-up messages

EDDM® has fewer obstacles when it comes to getting your prospective clients’ attention. After the initial outreach campaign with EDDM, use email marketing to follow up with your customers to strengthen your marketing by promoting brand recall. You can show them additional service perks, share usage guidelines, or simply send them a short greeting. From here, you can track those people who are more relevant to your marketing goals and create a list for the most responsive customers. You can then prioritize these customers based on which marketing funnel they fall in.

3. Drip marketing

Automated drip email campaigns are one of the go-to strategies for all kinds of businesses to nurture existing leads and engage with people who are regular customers. The automation factor for drip marketing is ideal, as marketers can just create an email message, send it to the audience, sit back and watch it generate business opportunities as a long-term strategy. This is one of the best ways to integrate EDDM with Email as you can alter between each channel for every new marketing message and improve brand retention.

The open and click-through rate for drip campaigns is 80% more than using email as the sole marketing channel.

4. Basket email reminders

When you place QR codes or PURLs on your EDDM mailer, your audience will be able to visit a landing page or website that you set up for the campaign. Oftentimes, people will browse through the products on the website, add the items in the cart that catch their attention, and forget about it after a while. A basket email reminder can help you target those customers by tracking the visits on your website, and getting them to enter their email address. You can send out emails to bring them back to their cart and complete their purchase, and use their email contact to send out future promotions.

These four integration methods are just scratching the surface of how you can integrate EDDM with Email. You can come up with several creative ways to use both channels cohesively to increase the efficacy of your marketing.

When you work with Geofactor, you can use the data from your campaign’s performance for future initiatives. This data can help you know which mail routes are more responsive to integrate EDDM with Email and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

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