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EDDM Budgeting Tips: 6 Helpful Suggestions to Get You Started

Published by on December 13, 2021

Your campaign’s ROI heavily depends on your overall marketing spend. It is natural for marketers to look for ways to reduce their advertising expenses and create cost-effective marketing initiatives. Let’s discuss 6 tips to save money with EDDM.

tips to save money with EDDM how to save money with EDDM

How to save money with EDDM®:

1. Choose Your Mail Routes Carefully

Which neighborhoods have a high ratio of EDDM®-eligible addresses as well as responsive customers? By choosing your mail routes correctly, you reduce the chances of wasting your marketing budget on unprofitable customers.

2. Do a cost-benefit analysis

Is your marketing message simple and easy to understand? Identify which mailer size your EDDM® campaign requires and choose an appropriate postcard instead of opting for larger sizes. Remember that your marketing spend will equate to the number of households your marketing message is being delivered to. Choose your paper type and finishing material accordingly.

3. Choose standard EDDM shapes and sizes

If your mailer exceeds the standard size of the USPS® EDDM® guidelines, you might have to pay more to get your promotions across to the audience. If your marketing message can suffice with standard size dimensions and mailer shapes, don’t spend more than necessary with unusual postcard formats.

4. Hire an EDDM vendor

Outsourcing your EDDM services can actually help you save money. EDDM vendors can give you cost-effective deals for your chosen mailer sizes and even provide discounts based on your order size. While the postage rate is uniform for all mailer sizes, the cost of design, printing, bundling, etc., is unique for every vendor.

Geofactor lets you connect with your ideal customers in three simple steps – Audience Selection, Mailer Design, and Scheduling the Campaign. We provide a comprehensive service experience every step of the way, whether it’s your first EDDM campaign or hundredth.

5. Save on production costs

If you’re creating an EDDM campaign in-house without outsourcing any marketing providers, you can keep your marketing expenses down by opting for less expensive inks and paper stocks. Creating an EDDM campaign by yourself could be one of the most common tips to save money with EDDM, but an EDDM vendor can help you with better campaign results at lower expenses. 

You could try creating an in-house EDDM campaign and compare it with Geofactor’s campaign expenses to see which is more feasible.

7. Opt for EDDM design templates

Creating an entire mailer design from scratch can cost you a lot, depending on your color model, quality of illustrations/images, spacing, etc. EDDM design templates are already USPS®-compliant. All you have to do is add your marketing copy, move design elements according to preference, and add postage stamps to get your message delivered. This can help you save money as well as time.

Geofactor has a wide range of design templates for every campaign requirement. You can also contact us for custom design requirements at

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