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  • florist shop offer ideas
    EDDM Strategy

    5 Innovative Offer Ideas to Get Your Florist Shop Noticed by the Locals

    Offers can help you gauge which deals can get you the most local traction. People prefer getting discounts for perishable items or products that can only be used once. Let’s understand the best ways to attract customers with these florist shop offer ideas.

    By Geofactor,
    December 17, 2021
  • EDDM for gyms
    EDDM Strategy

    How and Why Gym Owners Use EDDM

    Gyms and fitness centers are broad appeal industries as more and more people are turning towards healthy living. EDDM for gyms is highly beneficial due to its ability to target all local residents around a service area and affordable postage rates.

    By Geofactor,
    December 13, 2021
  • restaurant offer ideas
    EDDM Strategy

    5 Tried & Tested Restaurant Offer Ideas to Win More Local Customers

    Advertising with Every Door Direct Mail is a great way to engage with your existing customers and attract new patrons alike. It’s all about promoting creative offers to keep getting customers inside the door. We’ve put together 5 restaurant offer ideas to help increase your sales, boost ROI, and identify which marketing strategies work best for your business.

    By Geofactor,
    December 12, 2021
  • EDDM Retail vs EDDM BMEU
    EDDM Overview

    EDDM Retail Or EDDM BMEU: Which is Ideal for Your Business?

    Every Door Direct Mail® originated in 2013, as a cheaper bulk mailing option for businesses trying to save on their marketing budget. Although it was originally created for small businesses to increase their local brand presence, it soon extended into a cost-effective option for large businesses as well. Small businesses typically use EDDM Retail whereas larger businesses use EDDM BMEU. Let’s break down EDDM Retail vs EDDM BMEU to answer this:

    By Geofactor,
    December 10, 2021
  • EDDM Strategy

    5 Offer Ideas for Every Dental Clinic to Increase Local Footfall

    Special offers are a foolproof method of attracting clients to your business. While the marketing message should be unique by itself, the offer helps you stand out amongst the competitors and give your audience the final push to hire your services. Dentistry offer-ideas can help you identify which kind of discounts are ideal for your audience type. Let’s discuss 5 offer ideas for dental clinics.

    By Geofactor,
    December 5, 2021
  • EDDM for restaurants
    EDDM Strategy

    How and Why Restaurant Owners Use EDDM

    EDDM for restaurants is an ideal marketing tool due to its high local reach and cost-effective targeting. It was created by the USPS to help businesses reach customers within their market area at lower marketing expenses. There are several ways EDDM benefits restaurants. Here are 4 significant reasons why restaurants use EDDM.

    By Geofactor,
    December 1, 2021
  • when should you use eddm
    EDDM Strategy

    When Should a Business Opt for EDDM?

    Because of its simple targeting method and lower postage rates, most marketers have the following doubts before getting started with EDDM. Let's understand which businesses should use EDDM.

    By Geofactor,
    November 14, 2021
  • why salon owners use eddm
    EDDM Strategy

    How and Why Salon Owners Use EDDM

    EDDM for salons has a much higher response rate compared to other forms of direct marketing. Many factors make it ideal for salons looking to market in a local area. Let's understand how and why salon owners use EDDM.

    By Geofactor,
    July 25, 2021